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For July 12th Confederate, Nazi And British Terrorist Flags Fly In Ireland

Confederate, Nazi and British terrorist banners erected by extreme unionists or UK separatists in Ireland fly over the town of Carrickfergus
Confederate, Nazi and British terrorist banners erected by extreme unionists or UK separatists in Ireland fly over the town of Carrickfergus
Nazi and UK terrorist banners erected by extremist unionists or British separatists in Ireland fly over the town of Carrickfergus
Nazi and UK terrorist banners erected by extremist unionists or British separatists in Ireland fly over the town of Carrickfergus

So in the run-up to the annual July 12th “celebrations” in the north-east of Ireland some extreme elements of the British unionist minority have raised Nazi and Confederate flags to join the usual terrorist and separatist banners that mark out “loyalist” territory. Unsurprisingly this has sent the habitual denizens of Facebook and Twitter into a frenzy of outrage, mainstream unionists and Irish nationalists alike. However, why the feigned shock and dismay? Confederate symbols have been an infrequent part of militant unionist street-iconography for decades, and Neo-Nazism has found a sympathetic audience amongst British terror factions on this island nation since the 1970s. Did anyone really believe that the aftermath of the Charleston church-massacre by a white supremacist in the United States would not witness reciprocal signs of support by extremists holding broadly similar beliefs in the “Old North”? Albeit in our case, in venomous and violent opposition to the “native” Irish as opposed to African-Americans.

Of course amongst all the public calls demanding that the flags be removed from the lamp-posts in Carrickfergus you will find few from any unionist politicians or community leaders requesting that the specific banners of pro-UK terrorists be taken down. Killing Jews and Black Americans is a bad thing. Killing “White Niggers”? Umm, not so much…

Taigs Will Be Crucified, a nice message before July 12th from militant British unionists in Ireland for their Irish nationalist neighbours
Taigs Will Be Crucified, a nice message before July 12th from militant British unionists in Ireland for their Irish nationalist neighbours (Taig = Irish Catholic)

29 comments on “For July 12th Confederate, Nazi And British Terrorist Flags Fly In Ireland

  1. Am I the only one to see the cruel irony here? The British people fought the Nazis at great cost, including not only military service but also widespread death, injury and destruction resulting from the extensive bombing of civilian targets throughout the UK. The Irish on the other hand sat on their hands and enjoyed the show, since “the enemy of my enemy …” Had events turned out otherwise however, I doubt very much if the Nazis would have had much room for their Irish ‘friends’ in their Pure Aryan Future.

    All the above images show is the total historical ignorance of the ‘Loyalists’. Flying Nazi flags is hardly going to endear them in they eyes of the ‘Great’ British public. As for how this might be viewed in the Republic … well over to you ASF …

    • “… The Irish on the other hand sat on their hands and enjoyed the show, since “the enemy of my enemy …”

      Not true whatsoever..The British refused to sell weapons to the Irish Free state. ( After Dunkirk..Hitler offered Ireland captured British weapons..DeValera declined ) The Irish Aer Corps had for the duration of the war about 6 bi Planes. How do you think they would have faired against the German Luffwaffe? So, the Irish pursued a policy of “friendly Neutrality”.

      This meant. The entire Merchant fleet of Oil tanker ships were signed over to Britain..Inver Tankers LTD. Without getting any assurance about Irish oil supplies. One of those ships (wreck) was visible in Scotland until recently. the year 2000) Type in “inverlane ” ship wreck into an image search.
      The Irish allowed hot pursuit flights of RAF planes and Royal Nay craft into Irish waters to sink U boats. All this a mere 19 years after the disgraceful Black and Tans…who were the closest thing to any SS/ Nazi outfit in Ireland. Ireland wasn’t a military power and still isn’t.
      The only result of Ireland doing any more would have been Luffwaffe raids in Irish Cities.
      So, Why should we have put up with that? After all it was the British who signed the Munich treaty.
      It was the British who refused to tackle Hitler after he occupied the Ruhr in breach of the Versailles treaty. It was the British which allowed Germany parity in Uboats in 1935.

      Somehow I find the British are well able to point fingers in lieu of admitting their own failures to stop Hitler BEFORE WW2 even started. And the Brits helped create Hitler. Don’t hear about that.
      Just like the Soviet Union doesn’t talk about the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

      Also thousands of Irish from the Free State signed up…More than from “loyal Ulcer” Not to mention the other thousands who went to repair airfields and took part in the British war effort through their labour. The British actually benefitted by Irish policy. If Ireland had of declared war,…They would have required Material such as spitfires/ warships etc. They would have required training.
      ALLL the Irish who enlisted in the Brit army..would have joined an Irish army instead.
      The EXTRA training required to create Irish army units lead by Irish army officers would have delayed these troops reaching front line service.
      Think about General Franco..who when asked by Hitler to join with Germany said OK And then gave Germany a massive list of steel. tanks etc. Hitler saw this list and said he didn’t need Spain that badly. It was the same for the Brits vis a vis Ireland.

      • No doubt all true. My main point however was that the ‘Loyalists’ by flying Nazi flags were likely to alienate any remaining support they might still have in the UK.

        Btw. is there any truth in the story that Hitler supplied arms to the IRA?

        • Fine I accept your main point.
          And the obvious contradiction it implies about Loyalism.
          Not unusual enough.
          You see Russian Right wing and Ukraine right wing
          use the Swastika.
          Hitler hated the Slavs as much as the jews.
          The only thing you can reasonably draw is people all over are pretty
          silly with regards Nazi symbols.

          As for Hitler arming the IRA.
          Not sure.;but there were members of the IRA in Hitler’s Germany.
          That is for sure.
          If they got any guns..Would be interesting to know what happened to them.
          I never saw any IRA pictures or film showing WW2 era
          German guns in IRA hands.

          O a side note the guns that the UVF brought into Larne in 1914.from Germany.were given to the British Home guard in 1940…Thus showing British State control over those guns to a certain degree.

          But again, it’s not very remarkable..Ukraine Nationalists supported Hitler
          against Stalin.
          And even a former Prime Minster of Israel was a member of the Stern Gang.
          Who “collobrated” with Hitler.
          There were also British MP’s and House Of Lords who supported both Hitler
          and Japan
          during WW2..Selling British Secrets.

          Not to mention US corporations such as GM and Ford who supplied Nazis
          and made good money from it.

        • No, there is not. It is right up there with German submarine crews being fêted on the west coast and signs pointing the German bomber-planes towards Belfast.

          • History Daily Mail Style.

          • That’s interesting. I wrote a reply yesterday that got lost, where I mentioned that the Nazi guns for the IRA idea came from a scene I remember seeing in a film, years and years ago, and I wondered if there was any truth behind it or whether it was just propaganda. As for U-boats, I was actually show marks on a sea cliff in Co. Cork which I was told had been made by U-boats test firing their deck guns to line up the sights. The Irishman who told me this was a bit of a militarist and seemed quite proud of the fact/myth.

        • Some IRA members collaborated with the Nazis however…

          • why do you hate us Janis? Hm guilt over your nations collaborators or trying to guilt trip us into accepting british rule again? Shame shame shame

          • You’ve never left the British rule, Mark.

            A separate country means nothing if you keep speaking the language of the invader as your first language.

            The same applies to the Scots as well. The SNP simply don’t have the balls to propose something more than a “poor man’s England”.

            • I think you’re wrong about the SNP, but maybe you could explain what you mean.

              Note: Scotland has never been united by language, at the time of it’s formation there were at least five languages spoken; Gaelic, Pictish, British (=Early Welsh), English (Inglis) and Norse. At other times Norman French and Flemish were also important. By the time of the union with England, Gaelic was still widely spoken, its suppression, if that’s what it was, was as much the work of Lowland Scots as of the English. However the point is that Scotland unlike Ireland and Wales was never conquered (it was bribed!)

          • Yes..And so did some jews.
            In fact the Jewish State of Israel. “hated” these so much that
            they put their collaborators on a stamp in about 1985/1986.
            Point is..If the Jewish state can do this..Why should any Irish have a
            problem with what the IRA did?
            Also the IRA never shared in Nazi ideology.It was just a case of
            England’s enemy.

            All this talk is a smoke screen designed to obscure the fact that
            the “loyal tribe” in the North East did Little or nothing to support the
            English.during WW2
            About 1 month before D Day on 6Th June 1944 the
            Loyalist shipyard of Harland and Wollf was on strike for 6 weeks
            looking for more money.
            In the USA figures like “Rosie the Riveter” built
            liberty ships in about 10 days..So why did the Males of
            Loyalism not hand over their reserved jobs to women? Whilst they
            went to the front?

            Only about 35,000 Loyal sons of Ulcer joined up.
            7,000 of them were women..who never saw combat.
            And a large part would have been “dis Loyal” catholics.
            who were denied shipyard jobs etc.
            and joined the Brit army for a Pay packet.
            Where were the “1 million protestants” we hear so much about?

            So, the IRA/nazi stories and DeValera are all distractions from this tale.

    • Marconatrix, in fairness, had things turned out differently the British would almost certainly have invaded and reoccupied all of Ireland, and with great loss of life. That was Churchill’s favoured solution and one he had to be dissuaded from taking several times by his ministers and advisers. Empires, British or Nazi, were no friends of the Irish.

      • True. All told Ireland probably did well to keep out of it. It must have taken some clever political footwork. Sorry if I’ve offended. My thinking was that Ulster Unionists flying Nazi flags would likely antagonise mainland Brits, and would probably confuse/bemuse any old-guard IRA types. I.e. the Nazis being anti-Brit were potential (if rather risky) allies. Hitler was a catholic (wasn’t he??), The Pope did a deal with the Fascists … it all gets impossibly confusing …

      • Are you talking about plan W?

        I would not call that an occupation. By your logic Latvia is occupied by NATO right now.

    • navanman

      Hi Marconatrix. In relation to your question about what the Republic think; most Are completely turned off about the north. They see no chance of progress with unionism. These flags just prove and reinforce this view. Many also see each side as part of the same coin. As republicans can also be capable of alienating themselves. All in all not a good relationship between north and south.

  2. Prince Will and Kate are also the Duke and Duchess of Carrickfergus.
    The British Royal family were mates with the Nazi’s though so it all make sense now!

  3. Thanks for this;I wanted to write about it all, but was too incensed to do so in a decent fashion. Then I realised that every picture tells a story, and bigots have a way of telling their own story, after a fashion. Once again, showing their true colours. But it did need to be written about, and I’m thankful that you had the presence of mind to do so. Proud to be called a taig, by the way. I take it as a compliment.


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  5. Have you seen the blog gombeen nation? It’s utterly hilarious to accuse the irish of cultural nationalism and purity. Probably a stickie who’s bitter about being left behind the peace process.

    • Unfortunately I have heard of it. I’ve never linked or referenced it because I don’t think it deserved any extra publicity. Deplorable, sub-racist bile passing as commentary.

  6. eileen healy

    This is supposed to be “Viral ”

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