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The DUP Lays Down The Law As The NAMA Scandal Grows

For god and Ulster
Injunction this!

Here we go again! It seems that Ireland has gone from the Land of Saints and Scholars to the Land of Lawyers and Injunctions. Nationally we had controversial businessman and media-mogul Denis O’Brien using his not inconsiderable resources to legally bludgeon his critics into obedient silence. Now, in the wake of claims made in Dáil Éireann last week by Mick Wallace TD relating to corrupt actions involving a senior political figure in the north-east of the country, we have this warning allegedly issued by representatives of the DUP: the majority British unionist party in the regional administration at Stormont.

A threatening missive from the super-scary “We will sell your children” Dupes

Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

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