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WordPress Reader, The Flipboard And Newsstand Alternative

In a recent post I highlighted the availability of An Sionnach Fionn’s news feed on Flipboard, the cross-platform social-media aggregator that can be found in app and browser form (not to mention the similar, Android-based Google Play Newsstand). It’s one of the most used apps on my smartphone and tablets, and is certainly worth adding to your own if you follow a lot of Twitter accounts, blogs and RSS feeds. However for those who use WordPress I should have mentioned the excellent WP Reader. It lacks the familiar “magazine” feel of the first two offerings but I have frequently found it to be a superior means for listing blogs or websites that I wish to follow. Of course, you need a WordPress account to use it however that does not mean that you need a blog of your own. You can simply join WP, skim through the “create your own blog” steps, and start using the Reader straight away, via a browser or Android/iOS app on your PC/tablet/smartphone.

The simple to use WordPress Reader

Interestingly many WordPress users are unaware that the Reader is not restricted to following other WP blogs. In fact, almost any news- or blog-style website on the internet can be added by simply copying and pasting its address or url into the Reader’s search box. This automatically sniffs out the required RSS or similar feed for you (if it exists), you click “add”, and that is pretty much it. No fuss, all plus, as we used to say in the old IT days.

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