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A Clear Majority Favours The Reunification Of Ireland

The British apologists of the Irish news media, led by a coterie of decrepit newspaper columnists, have claimed for decades that, “…no one wants a united Ireland“. Indeed, they have never wavered from the belief that a referendum on reunification would be certain to fail, rejected by an overwhelming majority of voters in “the South“. Unfortunately for the purveyors of partition every public opinion poll for the last forty years has shown a clear majority in favour of reuniting the country. Of course, like the Tea Party movement in the United States or the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, the negationists have chosen to ignore or dismiss those facts which contradict their own (however fictional the latter may be). So it must have come as an unpleasant surprise for many of that persuasion to view the results of the latest survey of Irish attitudes to reunification. From RED C Research:

“RED C interviewed a random sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+ by telephone
between the 25th – 27th July 2016.

Interviews were conducted across the country and the results weighted to the profile of all adults. A further past vote weighting is included that takes the recall for how people voted at the last election and weights this to the exact result at the last election.

Vote intention results are based on those who will actually go and vote, using a 10 point scale, where 1 is not at all likely and 10 is very likely, those rating 4 to 10 are included as being those who will actually go and vote.

Interesting results show 2 in 3 (65%) would vote in favour of a united Ireland if a referendum were to be held tomorrow. A similar poll conducted by RED C in 2010 for the Sunday Times showed support at 57%, showing an increase of 8% support in 6 years.

Support is lower in Dublin at 56%, however aside form this is high across most demographics. Particularly so amongst those aged 55-64 (70%), C2DE (69%), Fianna Fáil (71%) and Sinn Féin (79%). Perhaps a little surprising is that, although high, Sinn Féin has not returned an even higher level of support for a united Ireland.”

RED C Poll, Support for a Reunited Ireland, July 2016
RED C Poll, Support for a Reunited Ireland, July 2016

No doubt this weekend will witness several “journalists” and “authors” taking to the airwaves and newspaper columns to chastise the Irish people on their blatant rejection of the wisdom of their betters.

Meanwhile the unionist-leaning Belfast Telegraph newspaper has taken the unusual step of dismissing its own, much heralded online poll on the question of a reunification plebiscite in the north-east of the island. Apparently the editorial team were expecting their pro-UK readership to give a definitive no to such a referendum and even more so to a reunited Ireland. Unfortunately for them nearly 50,000 respondents had a different idea.

“While the results of the Belfast Telegraph’s online border poll may have appeared startling with an overwhelming majority voting for reunification, a leading Northern Ireland pollster has warned that they need to be seen for what they are – just a bit of fun.

Following numerous calls from Irish political leaders for a border poll, we decided to ask the readers of our website if it was time for such a vote.

And thousands took up the call from right across Northern Ireland and beyond.

At the last count 47,540 votes were cast with 74% saying there should be a border poll.

And on the second question of what way people would vote 70% opted for a united Ireland.

Interestingly not as many voted in favour of a united Ireland as want a border poll. Indicating possibly that some want the questioned settled rather than a change to the current set up.”

But if the poll is a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously how can the article claim that some of it is indicative of anything? Unless of course a different expected result was to be given a very different interpretation.

17 comments on “A Clear Majority Favours The Reunification Of Ireland

  1. the Phoenix

    Has anyone ever combined polling on this subject in both the 6 and 26 counties to see how a 32 country unity referendum like the one the 1916 societies want would turn out?

    • That’s easy to do.Only 28.3% of Ireland’s population live in NI. That’s why it doesn’t really matter how NI votes – RoI can out-vote them easily. And that’s why the GFA requires two separate referendums.

      • the Phoenix

        You obviously didn’t understand my question. Or you pretended not to so you could continue with your anti Irish trolling.

        • There have been many polls on that subject. And it’s obvious that the majority of this island is in favour of reunification. That’s why the unionists in NI would never agree to an all-Ireland referendum on that subject.

        • in fairness, Janis is stating the facts, as distasteful as you may find it. the GFA requires two separate referendums because there are two separate jurisdictions, If there ever is a border poll in NI, lets have the issue of Irish Passport eligibility voted on too. If NI chooses to reject unity then NI citizens should not be eligible for Irish passports. you shouldn’t be able to reject the RoI and still look to have its passport. I find it degrading that the likes of Ian Paisley Jr has an Irish passport, or all those that burn the RoI national flag each year are eligible to have an Irish passport for convenience even though they despise Irish people.

          • i would also vote against a United Ireland. I’m not sure what the south gains from it.

  2. As an Ulster-man and someone who grew up on the loyalist side of the fence (not that that makes me one) I am all for a united Ireland.
    However, I’m NOT pro-EU, pro-Eurozone, pro-US military operations, pro-water meters, pro-hypothetical exponential economic growth etc.
    So if Ireland is united at some point, are we going to be able to reclaim our own true independence and not continue to be influenced by war-mongering bastards from other countries?
    Will the Irish people accept a smaller economy that is genuinely sustainable and good for the environment?
    I fear that most people on the island are now hooked on western consumerist pseudo-american lifestyles and that they will only seek to continue the poisoned relationship with the bullies of the west due to a lack of connection with our indigenous culture.
    Although there has definitely been a resurgence of interest in our Gaelic/Celtic roots, it is still a minority movement and one that won’t be taken seriously by the majority who, at this point in time, may be more concerned about finding their next pokemon.

    • the Phoenix

      Your beliefs line up nicely with most republican parties. I agree. Ireland should be truly independent republic for the people and completely neutral.

      • It’s easy to be “neutral” if nothing threatens you in the first place. Not everyone can have such luxury.

  3. it doesn’t really matter what support there is for a united ireland, the UK PM and NI Secretary of State, who nobody in NI voted for, have said NO
    In deciding, no objective criteria have to be satisfied, no quality control indicators need be applied, no benchmarks are to be signalled, there’s just a “Subjective Impression and Decision” to say NO

  4. Lord of Mirkwood

    Let’s see an all-Ireland poll, then put it before the UN. Sanctions on the British if they refuse to honor the will of the Irish people.

    • Doesn’t the GFA require two referendums? One in NI and one in RoI, Both sides need to agree otherwise the reunification wont happen.

  5. With the likes of the CIA using places like Shannon Airport to do all sorts of nasty things, people like Bill Clinton are irrelevant. I know it’s a cliché to refer to political leaders as puppets, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a true cliché.
    Remember Obama won the Nobel peace prize just for saying he was going to rid the world of nukes. In reality the US military has expanded it’s nuke capabilities during his terms. In other words, he’s not in charge. More likely that the guys with all the guns are in charge surely?

    • Logically observing leads me to think their plan must involve a lot of fascism.
      If it really is military types that run the show then their plan might be something like a global concentration camp?
      A total destruction of organic culture perhaps?
      This is why we need to re-find and re-learn our indigenous mythologies and ways of life.
      People without true culture, or people who have had a fake culture given to them (eg loyalism) are f**ked.
      Globalisation leads to a homogeneous population, yet we know that variety is the spice life…

  6. the Phoenix

    The Clintons are only ‘pro Ireland’ in the sense they support the pacification process and BRITISH settlement of the conflict. No US president or presidential campaigner has ever supported Irish unity or Scottish independence for that matter.

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