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From Mayo To North Dakota, From Corrib Gas To DAPL

An isolated rural region where long-standing communities reflect an indigenous language and culture, where local concerns and interests have been made secondary to the needs of large corporate entities, where draconian legislation has been employed to suppress grass-roots opposition, where violence and the threat of violence by representatives of the state and private interests has become the norm, where a nexus of corruption and criminality between big business and metropolitan government has taken root… No, we are not talking about the controversial Corrib gas project in the Gaeltacht or Irish-speaking region of Cill Chomáin, in north-west Mayo, a construction process mired in political and policing scandals. Instead we are talking about the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project, a similar enterprise in the United States, and another form of native culture corralled into delineated reservations. A culture, like that in Cill Chomáin, which executives and politicians in faraway cities expected to remain quiescent to the environmental destruction taking place around them. Actress and left-wing activist, Susan Sarandon, discusses DAPL and the shockingly under-reported events in North Dakota with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks.

6 comments on “From Mayo To North Dakota, From Corrib Gas To DAPL

  1. About time these issues were explicitly linked..


  2. Very much the same underlying issue.


  3. Well I knew the Garda were corrupt mendacious scum but surprised American plod are!


    • Pat murphy

      Ciaran, part of the qualification criteria all over the world. Scratch the surface of any of them and there you will find the same bullying scrounger.

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