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The UK Retreats From The Imposition Of A Brexit Border In Ireland

The United Kingdom has published its position paper on post-Brexit relations between Ireland and the UK-administered Six Counties and on the face of it the proposals seem to be something of a climb-down by the minority government in Britain. Gone is all talk of borders around the north-east of the country, electronic or otherwise, and instead London is placing the emphasis on political and socio-economic continuity, favouring a special customs deal with Dublin and Brussels for the contested region. While this part of the thirty-page document has been welcomed, the lack of detailed proposals has been seen by many as further evidence of the chaos and confusion gripping the British authorities, not to mention some strategic game-playing. The northern Sinn Féin leader, Michelle O’Neill, has dismissed the main thrust of the publication as “delusional”, while the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney, has warned the UK that it cannot use Irish interests, and the peace process in particular, as a bargaining chip in its exit negotiations with the European Union.

The full document, “Position Paper by the United Kingdom: Northern Ireland and Ireland“, can be read in PDF form. As others have observed on this complex matter, it’s very difficult to work out how this square peg is going to be hammered into a round hole without some major damage along the way.

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  1. Graham Ennis

    As i have said recently on here, BREXIT is going to split Ireland in two with a hard border. given EU border regulations for for a border between an EU state and a non EU state, there has, unless the regulations are changed, a hard frontier, with customs and immigration posts, limited crossing points, and some sort of fence or barrier between the EU and non EU state. These are present regulations. The European Commission will insist on it, and so will the European Parliament. Be prepared for a hard BREXIT, a hard border, and a border fence or barrier. This is the grim coming reality. The UK government also knows this, it has been explained to them, but they actually could not care less. Their whole attitude is one of falsehood, lies, and deceit. They are playing for time, until the people of Ireland, north and south, are presented with a fait accomplie.

    The occupied Zone of Ireland, in the North, is of too small a consequence for them to actually be bothered. They can live with a sealed and controlled border, and if this actually makes life intolerable for people in the North,and creates severe poverty and isolation, the UK london government will accept this.

    I think it is time that everyone, in both communities, accepts this, and faces reality. So what is to be done?
    I think harsh measures must be taken, or even harsher events will happen, including, eventually, a breakdown of the Peace Treaty and a resumption of violence.

    TThe only thing to do, in the circumstances, is mass action, North and South, with civil protests and demonstration, and a campaign of mass civil disobedience and opposition to what is to come. Quite simply, built around a slogan of “NO BORDER, NO FENCE, NO PEACE” there must be mass resistance to every manifestation of the border, such as control posts, sealed roads, and fences. If enough Irish people, North and south, refuse to accept the border, and tear down any appearance of it, such as customs and immigration posts, sealed roads, and any fence, quite literally ripping holes in the border, if the UK Government tries to install one, and mass trespass across the new “Border” without ID, using the official crossing points or controls, plus mass cross border rallies and protests, will render the border inoperable. it will become a laughing stock. if the UK government uses violence and criminal proceedings against the Irish people taking part in these actions, the international repercussions are going to be enormous. This applies not only to the London government, but the Dublin government. if they cooperate in any way with sealing and controlling with a hard border. they will find themselves in breach of the Irish constitution and laws. They would face challenges in the Irish courts, and would be seen as lackeys of the London Government and its occupation forces. An interesting situation. If preparations and organisation start now, to implement a border campaign, and de-legitimise the imposed border, it can be effectively shredded in months. The present Dublin government will be placed in a terrible dilemma. Perfect. It would probably trigger an election, the outcome of which would be rather interesting. SF, of course, needs to show some balls on this. I hope they do not miss this opportunity. NO BORDER, ON FENCE, NO PEACE,


  2. The reality is that it is the people of the UK and Ireland who are confused, not the UK gov.
    And the confusion comes from and is fostered by the idea that the UK gov is confused.
    The British establishment is one of the oldest, most refined and skilled propaganda outfits on the planet, do not ignore that.
    All we know about what they are supposedly doing comes from the media, and the purpose of the media is to disseminate information. Therefore, the information we receive from them is intentional.
    They want us to think that they are confused, which leaves us up in the air, confused ourselves, and generally a bit worried.
    Stressed people are easier to manipulate. Hysteria is easy to whip up, especially among stressed people.
    There’s a bigger picture here, and they know what they’re doing, they’ve been at it for a long time after all.

    Remember that the citizens of the UK were not asked if they wanted to join the EU/EEC in the first place, which is in itself an act of treason, as it goes against the British constitution. So the late 70’s referendum and the recent one are both red herrings. The UK, and Ireland, are not actual democracies, they just appear to be on the surface to keep us participating.
    Don’t forget about the Lisbon Treaty, was that democratic/constitutional?

    The most constructive form of civil disobedience would be to stop participating.


    • bonaparteocoonessa

      Rubbish. The tory government have excelled only at running rings round themselves. Cameron thought the referendum was in the bag – wrong. May thought the election was in the bag – wrong. Go back all the way to Suez – wrong, wrong, wrong.

      These clowns must be made to suffer and pay for what they’ve done, and border protest are just the first step.


  3. TurboFurbo

    Mike :

    Yes, the British Establishment deliberately held an unnecessary Election in order to lose a comfortable majority and return a minority British Govt just in order to fool everyone that they are weak – when in fact they are actually now in an even stronger negotiating position than ever.

    Truly brilliant.
    Just like in this clip where the Black Knight fools everyone into thinking he is weak – as he forces his enemies into retreating.


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