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Trump Apologist Crumbles As False Claims About US Economy Challenged

I must admit to enjoying this televised take down of Brad Thomas, the publicity-seeking Wall Street analyst turned Donald Trump apologist. Appearing on MSNBC to defend the president’s record on the economy, and the Charlottesville debacle, the stock broker was verbally eviscerated by the hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle as he repeated his false claims about the supposed economic miracle ushered in by Kaiser Drumpf. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that Forbes and other respectable media outlets who should know better will continue to employ his sorry ass.

6 comments on “Trump Apologist Crumbles As False Claims About US Economy Challenged

  1. ar an sliabh

    Yeah that’s what happens when you’re full of shyte and unprepared. On top of that, he didn’t appear to know his stuff, otherwise he could have thrown back at them that it took four years for the market to recover from 2009 to the previous high, and that from 2014-2016 it remained pretty much at the same level, soaring some 300+ points after the Trump election. Then, of course, he would have had to concede that the economy dug itself out of the devastation of the Bush administration’s wars under the Obama administration. All this really shows is, that the economy largely just navigates through the messes the politicians make, and no politician can really take credit for it. The conglomeration of policy, investments, infrastructure changes, et al at a certain point in time to show a better economy is mostly elusive as to what exactly brought about the improvement and when it was initiated, especially if a country has a different administration every 4-8 years, and most of the actual processes take 10 or more years to come to fruition from inception. I am sure the idiot-in-chief’s faux-pas past, present, and future as they continue, will erase any goodwill the markets and businesses may have had up to this point. On top of that, I think Kaiser Drumpf is just too stupid and arrogant to initiate any action that may mitigate the PR disasters he keeps starting for no fathomable reason whatsoever. Things just do not change significantly in six months or even seven months, no matter how hard you wish them to.

  2. the Phoenix

    Get therapy,Seamy. Trump has driven you to madness. Tonite Trump will lay out his plans for Afghanistan. Unlike your hero Hitlery Clinton,Trump wants the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to end. He calls them failures and disasters all the time. Stephen Bannon is of the same opinion. Your friends in the fake news mainstream media and traditional politicians in both demorat and republican parties are trying to drive him out of of office for that reason. Keep supporting mainstream politicians,the mainstream media and imperialist war mongerers and keep pretending you are an Irish republican,ASF.

    • Hmm, and how’s that Afghan plan going? All rhetoric no detail from what I can see. He’s staying big in Afghanistan after promising to get out – except his big is just doing the same thing as his predecessor. And don’t claim that he is sending in extra troops – they were already earmarked for service in Afghanistan. Either he pulls out completely or he puts an extra 50,000 boots on the ground. Everything else is just a variation on the Obama playbook.

      • the Phoenix

        You are an idiot. He said no more nation building. Trump just buried your hero Hillary Clinton’s plans of regime change. You are the one that supported Hillary,not me. If you had a brain and stayed off your beloved fake news corporate mainstream media you would know that.

        • I supported Bernie Sanders. Clinton was a poor second-choice when Trump was the only other option.

          What Trump has announced for Afghanistan is more of the same. Obama’s same policy with a bit more bluster. In reality nothing has changed. Certainly not the troops coming back.

          • the Phoenix

            Fuck you you traitor cunt. You Mi5 cunts gettin exposed you fucks.

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