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A Tour Of Adam Savage’s Workshop, Home Office And Props Collection

Most hardcore fanboys and -girls with a taste for collecting genre memorabilia – or creating their own – will have seen these two YouTube videos from Adam Savage but I thought they might be of interest to some other readers. The first features the former co-presenter of MythBusters touring his envy-inducing workshop and display cases, while the second looks at the items on show in his home office. I must admit to sharing Savage’s passion for helmets (though mine runs more towards pre-Medieval military headgear, particularly Germano-Scandinavian and Classical Greek), laptop and messenger bags, and, er, Ikea bookcases.

In fact, I recently purchased some Billy bookcases, as described in the initial clip, though with a floor-to-ceiling configuration to grace the walls of my house. I presumed the glass-fronted shelving units would be sufficient to take all of my accumulated crap books, comics, blu-rays, hard drives, tech devices and eclectic objets d’art. As it turned out, not so much…

I’m currently researching the best brand of LED lights to illuminate the bookcases, with an expandable – if pricey – WiFi kit from LIFX Z very definitely in the running. There are cheaper alternatives, including some okay analogue sets from Ikea that I use elsewhere in the house, but I want to install a system which can connect to my smart home network. Yes, I know, first world problems, but I’m modernising and updating Teach an tSionnaigh at the moment so why not go for broke? (Hopefully, not literally!)

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