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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Crisis Pregnancy Centres

Given the ongoing preparations for the referendum on the Eight Amendment of Bunreacht na hÉireann, scheduled for the end of May, this feature by the American satirical news show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, seems quite timely. In the twenty-minute clip the British comic and host examines the underhand tactics of the anti-choice campaign in the United States, in particular the use of so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centres to confuse or mislead women when they are seeking a termination. The avowed purpose of these centres in many cases is to prevent the abortion by delaying its implementation to the point beyond which the procedure ceases to be a legal or medical option. To facilitate this trick, it has become common practice to build these pseudo-clinical practices adjacent to legitimate abortion clinics, sometimes using very similar names and signage. This is sometimes done with the assistance of state and federal grants or exemptions, thanks to the connivance of elements within the broad Republican Party.

Of course, as the video makes very clear, as soon as the female victims of this con-job have been successfully hoodwinked, they are abandoned by the evangelical con-artists, mother and child left to fend for themselves. This illustrates the perverse morality of the hard core groupings in the organised pro-life movement, and not just in the US.

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