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The DUP Adopts A Scorched Earth Policy For Irish And Gay Rights

Peter Robinson, the former head of the Democratic Unionist Party, may be urging pro-union leaders in the north-east of Ireland to reach a favourable accommodation with their local nationalist neighbours before changing circumstances make it impossible, but his one-time colleagues seem intent on rushing headlong into oblivion rather than share an inch of political, social or cultural territory in the contested region. From an article featured on Breaking News:

Sinn Féin has described a claim from Arlene Foster that a bid to fly a Pride flag at a council building was a republican rouse to remove the Union flag as bizarre.

DUP leader Mrs Foster made the claim as she defended her party colleagues in Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council (ABC) for effectively blocking the flying of the rainbow-coloured flag at a council building on Saturday.

Councillors had already voted to fly the flag at the weekend, to coincide with the annual Pride Day there, but DUP members triggered a procedural mechanism on Tuesday, claiming proper process had not been followed.

Mrs Foster said the DUP move was not about Pride, but about concerns that the Union flag would be taken down from outside the building.

Meanwhile, The Irish Times reports that the:

…DUP leader Arlene Foster has insisted her party will not sign up for a standalone Irish language Act in any new set of negotiations aimed at restoring Northern Ireland’s powersharing administration.

…Ms Foster on Wednesday insisted there would be no free-standing Irish language Act.

Asked were there any circumstances in which she would support a “standalone” Irish language Act, Ms Foster replied: “No, there is not.”

Further asked on BBC Radio Ulster’s Good Morning Ulster programme was DUP opposition to such an act non-negotiable she added: “It is non-negotiable, and that has been told to Sinn Féin on a number of occasions.”

Meanwhile, in The National:

A DUP politician said he would “rather walk up the Falls Road in a Rangers shirt” than take part in a Belfast Pride event.

Two decades after the Good Friday Agreement, political unionism seems determined to save “Ulster” by burning “Ulster”.

3 comments on “The DUP Adopts A Scorched Earth Policy For Irish And Gay Rights

  1. TurboFurbo

    Yep…… that the engineered Numbers that aborted the North into existence do not work in Unionists favour any longer, one would imagine that the DUP would be trying to woo the soon-to–majority Nationlist community in an effort to prolong the existence of the statelet in the north-East of our Country.

    On the contrary, the DUP is maximising all of its time and energy into disrespecting just about any and everything that the Nationalist community holds dear. Throw in the DUP’s “Berlin Wall from Derry to Newry at all costs BREXIT strategy”, and you have a sold recipe to ensure a Nationalist electoral majority coming down the road even faster – with the added bonus of a growing number of moderate Unionists becoming increasingly uneasy with the North’s forced exit from the EU, particularly some younger generation Unionists.

    All told, the DUP’s slash-and-burn philosophy is simply ensuring that is the Unionist north-East statelet will become one whereby the Unionist community is the electoral minority community in the very near future, possibly even by 2021, the centenary of the creation of the Unionist Apartheid statelet.
    My fervent hope is that Arlene Foster keeps up the excellent work as she successfully drives on the road to the inevitable Re-United Ireland.


  2. Graham Ennis

    All hail Arlene, whose stalwart work for the cause of a united Ireland must be given due honor one day. Her amazing, cunning maneuvers, which day by day advance the time when the Northern Occupied Territories are liberated and united again with the South, are awesome to watch. Day after day, she manipulates the political situation and drives it relentlessly onwards towards reunification. yet all around her, no one sees through this cunning strategy. What an amazing women.


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