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Ex-UDA Gunman Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair Gets The YouTube Treatment

I honestly don’t know what to make of this rather fawning interview by the Scottish YouTuber James English with the infamous former British terrorist Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair. A notable lack of challenging questions is accompanied by a surprising level of deference towards the loyalist ex-gunman. A more worthwhile discussion might have been had if the onetime West Belfast boss of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), the then legal UK terror group, had been asked about his ties with the British Army Intelligence Corps (Int Corps) during the latter half of the Troubles in the north-east of Ireland.

For instance, Adair might have been queried about the dinner held in his honour by the regional commander of Int Corps at the start of the 1990s when the pro-union militant was provided with dozens of intelligence files on suspected members of the Irish Republican Army (and their families, friends, neighbours and coworkers, which led to a murderous onslaught against scores of innocent men and women). Or he might have been asked about his own boasts of British Army troops and officers with the Royal Ulster Constabulary aiding the UDA in its bloody campaign against the civilian population in the Six Counties. And what about a brief description of the day in 2005 when the most notorious far-right terrorist in Western Europe was released from his prison cell in HMP Maghaberry, County Antrim, only to be driven away in a heavily armed British Army convoy to the Royal Air Force base at Belfast International Airport, from where he was flown by RAF helicopter to a safehouse in Britain?

Unfortunately we are left instead with the rather tame interview below.

7 comments on “Ex-UDA Gunman Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair Gets The YouTube Treatment

  1. Sharon Douglas

    I would not have used the term ”former”.


  2. Phil Mc Cullough

    What an uneducated idiot..


  3. Phil Mc Cullough

    The reasons why he lives now in Scotland is because he is a hated figure in his former community.


  4. The extent to which the UK military intelligence arms, directs and uses counter gangs to wage war against independence movements is not understood by most UK citizens.

    No surprise then that this you tube video washes whiter than white.

    What of course should be of concern to folks in ” mainland ” Britannia ( especially the northern part , aka Scotland ) is that the UK establishment would do exactly the same thing again, or any number of variations of similar strategies to resist independence.

    In NI folks generally know that, over here, generally they don’t.


  5. Open secret he was in Ayr innit?


  6. Jim McGettigan

    The old premise that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my freind’, was clearly at play with British Intelligence and Mr Adair until they threw him under the bus, finally treating him as the murdering sociopath that he is. In his own mind he is clearly a reasonable guy who just had to do what he had to do even although he directed the slaughter against his former Catholic freinds and neighbours who were already burned out of their homes. WTF?


  7. I think he done what he had to do their was a war


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