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Qualified Condemnations Of Attempted Murder Ring Hollow

A few days ago I reported on the attempted murder in East Belfast of an 18 year old Irish teenager, James Turley, by a frenzied mob led by known members of the UVF, the second largest British terrorist group in Ireland. Turley and several other youths were attacked by the group while working on a movie set in the area and after being chased through the streets the teenager was caught by the gang (apparently with the help of a local resident who offered seeming sanctuary to the terrified young man only to allow his pursuers to catch up with him), beaten and left for dead in a wheelie bin.

Incredibly, rather than condemning this racist attack outright, several political representatives of the British separatist minority in the north-east of Ireland, which fosters the UVF terror gangs, have offered what can only be described as a series of “qualified” condemnations. These have ranged from statements implying that James Turley and the other teenage boys provoked the assaults by working on a film set in a “Loyalist area” (where no one with an Irish identity or citizenship is welcome), to comments that the injuries received by the youths were minor and the incident was “blown out of proportion”. The website Slugger O’Toole carries more on this story, including some of the nastiest and most insidious commentary you’re likely to see outside of a British nationalist pub crowd.

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