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Top Twenty Articles For 2015

It’s New Year’s Day, traditionally a time for news and current affairs websites or blogs to feature a list of their most popular articles from the previous year. So out of the 309 posts published in 2015 here are An Sionnach Fionn’s eclectic big hitters:

  1. The Battle Of Pettigo And Belleek, May To June 1922
  2. Jean McConville, Gerry Adams And The Truth
  3. A Sordid Tale Of British Gunmen, Bombers And Policemen
  4. Maíria Cahill And The Labour Party, Or Integrity Meets Avarice
  5. Bill O’Reilly And America’s Reporting Of The Troubles
  6. The So-Called Irish Press
  7. Irish Is Not Dying, Irish Is Being Killed
  8. Independent News And Media, The Ideological Enemy Within
  9. A British Tank On An Irish Street
  10. The Origins Of The Halloween Jack-O’-Lantern
  11. How The Irish Government Covered Up The Murder Of An Irish Citizen
  12. Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, The Unconquered And Unconquerable
  13. The Long Shadow Of The Human Proxy Bomb
  14. The Irish Language Deniers
  15. Majority Of Irish DNA May Have Originated In The Middle East And Eastern Europe
  16. Britain’s Tribal Grudges Risks Renewed Conflict In Ireland
  17. British-Backed Separatists In Ireland’s Ulster Region Renew Offensive
  18. Improvised Weapons Of The New IRA Modernise Old Designs
  19. Barbarians At The Gate
  20. Drowning Welsh-Speakers In The English Language

The next fifteen most popular were:

  1. Super Colonised Irish Syndrome
  2. The Neo-Celtic Architectural Revival That Wasn’t
  3. The Super Scary, Quite Contrary Equal-Marriage Referendum In Ireland
  4. Report On British And Irish Paramilitary Groupings Contains No Surprises
  5. American Journalism Fails The Irish Test Once Again
  6. Celtic-Speaking Communities Of Britain Denied Funding
  7. Weapons Of The Irish Revolution
  8. Slut-Shaming Irish-Speakers
  9. The Irish Language Is The Most Dangerous Language Of All The World’s Most Dangerous Languages
  10. The Continuity IRA’s Hollow Show Of Strength In Lurgan
  11. Killing Irish-Speakers With Kindness
  12. Israel On The Road To Self-Destruction
  13. Microsoft’s Rudderless Ship Dumps More Crew
  14. Coalition Loyalists Are Rewarded While Protesters Are Imprisoned
  15. Celtic Cosmology, Perspectives from Ireland and Scotland



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