Know-Nothings – The American Right And The New Anti-Irishness

This week, under the thrilling headline question ‘Why Is Ireland Such a Bastion of Anti-Israel Feeling?’, long-standing Atlantic columnist (and former Iraqi War cheerleader) Jeffrey Goldberg highlights a piece by notorious Irish newspaper commentator Kevin Myers on the alleged anti-Semitism of the Irish people. The British-born Myers, a long time apologist for British violence in … Continue reading

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Porcus ex grege diaboli (via Splintered Sunrise)

Splintered Sunrise is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, well informed, and at times enjoyably cynical Irish politics and current affairs blogs. Which makes it all the sadder that it is updated so rarely, for when it is… Here is a new post on the scandal currently swamping the ‘golden boy’ of British, left wing … Continue reading

Time For DotÉire?

News that the campaign in Scotland to obtain a new Top Level Domain (TLD) for Scottish online web addresses is stepping up. A TLD is the short code that comes at the end of a website name after the dot which forms part of its internet address. So we have generic addresses like .com, .net, … Continue reading

The Beast In The East

An interesting piece from journalist Henry McDonald in the Guardian on the recent attacks by Unionist paramilitaries on the beleaguered Nationalist enclave of the Short Strand: ‘…for the residents of the Short Strand, who were the main victims of the loyalist-originated violence, the assaults on their homes were terrifying and traumatic. Once again, those living in this small Catholic/nationalist redoubt, surrounded by larger loyalist … Continue reading

An Cloigtheach Shord Cholm Cille

An Cloigtheach Shord Cholm Cille, Fine Gall, Laighean, Éire, Meitheamh 2011 (The Round Tower of Swords, Fingal, Leinster, Ireland, June 2011). More here and here.  

The C-Word Is… Collusion

Incredible news today that an official investigation into the Loughinisland Massacre has concluded that there was no collusion or co-operation between Unionist terrorists and the Royal Ulster Constabulary or RUC, the disbanded former paramilitary police force in the North of Ireland. The 1994 attack on a local, rural pub in County Down resulted in the … Continue reading

Is Plaid Cymru Behind The Curve?

Following on from my earlier post, calling for a more dynamic and self-confident political nationalism from the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, some related news. According to a report over on ClickOnWales: ‘A large majority of people who voted Yes in the March referendum on legislative powers for the National Assembly either wanted even more powers or independence for Wales. … Continue reading

A New Plaid Cymru For A New Wales?

After woeful results in the latest Welsh assembly elections the Welsh Nationalist party Plaid Cymru is ready for a serious review of its structure and policies under its new chief executive Rhuanedd Richards. A former journalist, Richards hopes to expand the party’s appeal outside its core Welsh-speaking constituency and garner the support of English-speaking voters in Wales who have traditionally turned to … Continue reading

British Labour: Scottish Nationalists Are Neo-Fascists

The outrage in Scotland following the outburst by the controversial Labour politician Ian Davidson, in which he characterised Scottish Nationalists as ‘neo-fascists’ in the British parliament, continues to grow with Davidson refusing to apologise for his remarks while Labour apparatchiks have lined up behind him in a show of support. For those who haven’t seen … Continue reading

New Hadrian’s Wall Exhibition

The Independent has news on a new exhibition of treasures from Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England, ‘The Roman Emperor Hadrian, who came to the throne AD117, claimed that the gods had instructed him to “keep intact the Empire”, so he planned a massive wall to defend its northern boundary against the unruly tribes … Continue reading

The Guardian – Ready To Jump?

Big, if somewhat tardy news announced in the British Guardian newspaper: ‘The Guardian will make “significant” job cuts over the next two years in the transition to a “digital-first” strategy, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, has confirmed. Rusbridger said Guardian News & Media, which publishes the Guardian, Observer and the website network, which includes, would have to reduce … Continue reading

Nokia N9 – More A Case Of NoGo Than MeeGo

The PCWorld headline says it better than me: ‘Nokia N9: Why You Shouldn’t Buy this Device’ Nokia has announced its new MeeGo-operating mobile phone, the N9. In an iOS and Android world (should I mention the BlackBerry OS?) who on earth is this phone aimed at? And why? More NoGo than MeeGo.

Northern Conflict Requires Thoughtful Analysis Not Lazy Clichés

  Journalist Fionola Meredith in the Guardian on some of the background to the UVF-led Unionist attacks on the Nationalist Short Strand enclave in East Belfast over the last two nights. In her opinion (echoed by others) the recent appearances of new Unionist paramiltary wall murals, banners and flags in parts of the city show that: ‘the skirmishes just down the road are not random … Continue reading

PSNI Were Intended Target

The PSNI paramilitary police in the North of Ireland believe injuries suffered by the Press Association photographer Niall Carson, who was shot in the leg while covering the UVF attacks in Belfast last night, may have been the result of collateral fire, and that the intended target was PSNI officers. According to the BBC: ‘Just before midnight, a number of shots were fired and a press photographer … Continue reading

PSNI: The UVF Is Behind Belfast Riots

Sky News reports that the PSNI has laid the blame for the two nights of violence in Belfast on the UVF: ‘Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said the loyalist paramilitary group started the trouble and there was no sense of it trying to bring it to an end. Mr Finlay said there had been “serious, … Continue reading

Mo Mhadra

Enough with politics for now. Apparently my dog is of the opinion that eating on the floor is a singularly uncivilized practice – for human or canine. A mutt with aspirations! :-)

Scotland Could Lead Europe In Promotion Of Its Native Language

A review of Scottish language education by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) has urged greater guidance in the teaching of the language and its use in Scottish medium schools. The team pointed to the rise in students studying through Scotland’s native language and the high quality of the teaching, as the BBC reports: ‘…the HMIE added that … Continue reading

ICN – Irish Comics News Launches

Some good news for Ireland’s small but loyal army of comic fans. A new dedicated comics’ site, ICN (Irish Comics News) is now up and running. Lots of interesting news pieces, articles and links featuring comics and graphic novels. Hopefully the site can take on a strong Irish flavour – including in the native tongue. Meanwhile for more news … Continue reading

Photographer Shot During Second Night Of Unionist Attacks In Belfast

A photographer has been shot and wounded in the leg during a second night of attacks by Unionist mobs on a small Nationalist area in the eastern part of Belfast city. The Independent reports: ‘Some 200 loyalists wearing balaclava helmets appeared in the late evening and attacked the Catholic Short Strand enclave in east Belfast with fireworks, bricks and stones despite a … Continue reading

Opposing Voices

The alleged revelations in journalist Ed Moloney’s controversial book Voices from the Grave has badly split many former comrades and friends in the Irish Republican movement, and the bitterness has frequently spilled over into online clashes. Here is a broad (and somewhat favourable) overview by Chris Bray on the History News Network, with a more critical take by the former Sinn Féin director of publicity and author … Continue reading

UVF-Led Unionist Mobs Attacking Nationalist Areas In Belfast Again

Reports coming in now from UTV: ‘Hundreds of people are firing missiles in the Short Strand and lower Newtownards Road areas of the city. There are reports that up to 200 men in balaclavas are involved. Police are attending the scene of the trouble, with a number of PSNI landrovers lining Castlereagh Street. They are … Continue reading

Loyalty Versus Counter-Insurgency – Or What To Do When The British No Longer Need You?

Excellent reporting from Jason Walsh in the CS Monitor on yesterday’s UVF-led rioting in Belfast, asking the questions you’re unlikely to hear asked by most Irish and British journalists. ‘”For some weeks, there has been sporadic instances of antisocial stone-throwing across the interface in this area,” said Belfast’s Mayor Niall Ó Donnghaile, who is a member … Continue reading

UVF Organised Attacks On Nationalist Enclave

Confirmation today that the East Belfast wing of the British Unionist terrorist group, the UVF, organised the sustained assault on the Irish Nationalist enclave of the Short Strand last night, in the east of the city. Up to 500 Unionists, many in paramilitary clothing, took part in the attacks, with the Nationalist community of the Strand coming under fire from stones, bottles, petrol bombs, … Continue reading

British Unionist Gangs Attack Nationalist Community In Belfast

The Short Strand area of Belfast, which has a large Irish Nationalist community, has come under sustained attack this evening and tonight from gangs of British Unionist rioters, armed with stones, bottles, petrol bombs and blast bombs. Reports are blaming the Unionist terrorist group, the UVF, for orchestrating the assaults. This comes after last Friday’s violence by Unionists also in Belfast city. More images here.

The Home Of An Taibhdhearc To Return

  The home of An Taibhdhearc, Ireland’s Irish Language National Theatre, is to return. ‘THE ALL-IRISH Taibhdhearc theatre in Galway city, which was severely damaged by fire four years ago, is set to reopen next year after securing Government funding for its refurbishment. It has been closed since the blaze in 2007, but a commitment from both the … Continue reading

Big Audio Dynamite

Since I’m watching ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ on TG4 here is some Big Audio Dynamite with ‘Medicine Show’! :-)

Lies, Damned Lies, And… Polls

According to the latest Northern Ireland Life and Times survey as reported in the Irish Times: ‘…one in three Catholics (33 per cent) want a united Ireland, while 52 per cent want the North to stay in the United Kingdom, with 46 per cent of Catholics happy with the current devolved arrangements and 6 per cent favouring a return to direct … Continue reading

Roibeárd ‘Bobaí’ Ó Seachnasaigh

  Interesting and timely article from journalist and media lecturer Roy Greenslade in the Guardian newspaper on the anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strikes. He begins: ‘Thirty years ago, eight men were on hunger strike in the Maze prison in Northern Ireland. Four of their Irish republican comrades had already fasted themselves to death, and a further six would do so in July and … Continue reading

Ross Kemp, Daleks And Wikipedia

Wikipedia, that cybernetic font of wisdom, is often more fun than strictly intended. Take this entry on British soap actor Ross Kemp, which may well make the finals for one of the most poorly written (or comically re-edited) Wikipedia entries ever: ‘Since 2006, Kemp has received international recognition as an investigative journalist for his critically acclaimed and … Continue reading

Bugger And Bedamned!

I was going to write something about this inanity but I really became too annoyed. ‘A controversial conference promoting a therapy that claims to help people “turn away” from homosexuality…’ Seriously? Yes, people have a right to their beliefs, religious or otherwise, and also the right to promote them (I suppose – democracy an’ all that). But … Continue reading

Fáilte Ireland – But Where Is Fáilte Éireann?

News that in Doire (Derry) the Irish language culture centre, Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, has won a prestigious award for promoting tourism in the region. As the Derry Journal reports: ‘The state of the art Irish language centre, which opened in 2009, was singled out for enhancing the visitor experience and integrating with other tourism products. The … Continue reading

Plucky Little Belgium – Or Why Artificial States Fail

The Irish Times reports on the continued deadlock in Belgium – and why one way or another something is going to give… ‘In the metro stations of Brussels they pipe old pop hits for commuters. Songs in English, Spanish and Italian can be heard. They no longer play songs in French, the city’s main language, because Dutch-speakers took … Continue reading

Scottish Language Online – Scottish Language Education Offline

Some interesting news with more proof of the positive impact of the internet for the Gaelic languages, if harnessed correctly. The National Library of Scotland has spent the past two years digitising 1800 books in its Early Gaelic Book Collection and since it started posting them online in 2010 it has seen a massive surge in interest. With a total … Continue reading

God Save Ireland – From The Anglos!

Okay, as a bona fide atheist I’ve not much faith in any god anywhere saving Ireland, but any sort of hope, however forlorn, is better than listening to the whinging of the Anglos (that is the Anglicised Irish, for those who don’t know). These people, who dominate our media and business establishments, drone on about … Continue reading

Language Apartheid In Ireland?

I’ve written before about the casual discrimination against Ireland’s Irish-speaking citizens within our state and state-funded agencies and the inherent bias towards the English-speaking community. It is such a given, despite the supposed legal protection under the Constitution for the Irish language, that most people simply take it for granted. Whether in education, the law … Continue reading

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