Know-Nothings – The American Right And The New Anti-Irishness

This week, under the thrilling headline question ‘Why Is Ireland Such a Bastion of Anti-Israel Feeling?’, long-standing Atlantic columnist (and former Iraqi War cheerleader) Jeffrey Goldberg highlights a piece by notorious Irish newspaper commentator Kevin Myers on the alleged anti-Semitism of the Irish people. The British-born Myers, a long time apologist for British violence in … Continue reading

Porcus ex grege diaboli (via Splintered Sunrise)

Splintered Sunrise is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, well informed, and at times enjoyably cynical Irish politics and current affairs blogs. Which makes it all the sadder that it is updated so rarely, for when it is… Here is a new post on the scandal currently swamping the ‘golden boy’ of British, left wing … Continue reading

Time For DotÉire?

News that the campaign in Scotland to obtain a new Top Level Domain (TLD) for Scottish online web addresses is stepping up. A TLD is the short code that comes at the end of a website name after the dot which forms part of its internet address. So we have generic addresses like .com, .net, … Continue reading

The Beast In The East

An interesting piece from journalist Henry McDonald in the Guardian on the recent attacks by Unionist paramilitaries on the beleaguered Nationalist enclave of the Short Strand: ‘…for the residents of the Short Strand, who were the main victims of the loyalist-originated violence, the assaults on their homes were terrifying and traumatic. Once again, those living in this small Catholic/nationalist redoubt, surrounded by larger loyalist … Continue reading

An Cloigtheach Shord Cholm Cille

An Cloigtheach Shord Cholm Cille, Fine Gall, Laighean, Éire, Meitheamh 2011 (The Round Tower of Swords, Fingal, Leinster, Ireland, June 2011). More here and here.  

The C-Word Is… Collusion

Incredible news today that an official investigation into the Loughinisland Massacre has concluded that there was no collusion or co-operation between Unionist terrorists and the Royal Ulster Constabulary or RUC, the disbanded former paramilitary police force in the North of Ireland. The 1994 attack on a local, rural pub in County Down resulted in the … Continue reading

Is Plaid Cymru Behind The Curve?

Following on from my earlier post, calling for a more dynamic and self-confident political nationalism from the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, some related news. According to a report over on ClickOnWales: ‘A large majority of people who voted Yes in the March referendum on legislative powers for the National Assembly either wanted even more powers or independence for Wales. … Continue reading

A New Plaid Cymru For A New Wales?

After woeful results in the latest Welsh assembly elections the Welsh Nationalist party Plaid Cymru is ready for a serious review of its structure and policies under its new chief executive Rhuanedd Richards. A former journalist, Richards hopes to expand the party’s appeal outside its core Welsh-speaking constituency and garner the support of English-speaking voters in Wales who have traditionally turned to … Continue reading

British Labour: Scottish Nationalists Are Neo-Fascists

The outrage in Scotland following the outburst by the controversial Labour politician Ian Davidson, in which he characterised Scottish Nationalists as ‘neo-fascists’ in the British parliament, continues to grow with Davidson refusing to apologise for his remarks while Labour apparatchiks have lined up behind him in a show of support. For those who haven’t seen … Continue reading

New Hadrian’s Wall Exhibition

The Independent has news on a new exhibition of treasures from Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England, ‘The Roman Emperor Hadrian, who came to the throne AD117, claimed that the gods had instructed him to “keep intact the Empire”, so he planned a massive wall to defend its northern boundary against the unruly tribes … Continue reading

The Guardian – Ready To Jump?

Big, if somewhat tardy news announced in the British Guardian newspaper: ‘The Guardian will make “significant” job cuts over the next two years in the transition to a “digital-first” strategy, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Alan Rusbridger, has confirmed. Rusbridger said Guardian News & Media, which publishes the Guardian, Observer and the website network, which includes, would have to reduce … Continue reading

Nokia N9 – More A Case Of NoGo Than MeeGo

The PCWorld headline says it better than me: ‘Nokia N9: Why You Shouldn’t Buy this Device’ Nokia has announced its new MeeGo-operating mobile phone, the N9. In an iOS and Android world (should I mention the BlackBerry OS?) who on earth is this phone aimed at? And why? More NoGo than MeeGo.

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